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Comparing vehicles side-by-side

Most potential car buyers prefer to compare vehicles side-by-side when planning to purchase a new ride. People look for cars (or whatever alternate kind of vehicle, be it a minivan, sport-utility vehicle, or truck) depending on their needs.

Of course, they also have to work around a budget, so buyers have to do a little bit of research, compare cars, their features, and their prices, and choose one that fits their budget and their purpose for buying one.

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Top Vehicles

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Car Model

Towing Capacity

Ford F-350

21 000 lbs

RAM 2500

17 000 lbs

RAM 3500

17 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 3500

16 350 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500HD

16 000 lbs

GMC Sierra 2500HD

15 900 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500

15 700 lbs

Ford F-250

15 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 2500

14 150 lbs

Determine the purpose of the vehicle

Factors such as fuel economy might come into play if the vehicle is to be used daily. Driving often in the city might influence one’s decision to go for a small, compact car. A family couple planning to have children shortly might opt for a minivan.

Once the major decision about the type of vehicle to buy is made, it is then time to compare cars of the same class (and price range) side-by-side.

Narrow down on models inside the same class

One crucial factor buyers tend to misinterpret is the engine’s size. Many people think cars with small engines will be more economical. On the contrary, it might cost more in the long run, mainly if the vehicle will carry many passengers or a heavy load most of the time.

A small engine will be made to run harder, guzzling up more gas and experiencing more wear and tear than usual, compared to a bigger engine.

Safety above all

Safety is another major consideration. Seatbelts are the most simple safety feature, yet play a great part in helping save people’s lives in the event of a collision. At the very least, seatbelts can lessen the injuries caused by a car crash. Airbags, also a great safety feature, may also even come as standard equipment in certain lower-priced cars.

Aside from these, the car’s body is a safety feature in itself, with crumple zones, side-impact beams, and bumpers. You may want to check out the European New Car Assessment Programme’s website ( for their ratings on how safe new cars are for the driver, passengers, and pedestrians.

Infotainment features and warranty terms

Entertainment systems can also influence a car buyer’s decision. Some may want just a simple audio system while others may insist on having the latest video-capable, multi-speaker systems complete with internet connectivity.

Others may want a high-tech built-in navigation and security system where the owner can trace the car’s location if it gets stolen. A good warranty is also essential, but be wary of salespeople insisting on “extended warranty” offers. These, more often than not, are just a waste of the buyer’s money. All these should come at a price that you can easily afford, whether you’re making a full payment or over a specific time period.

To compare different car models side-by-side without undergoing the hassle of going to many dealerships, you can check our websites and see how certain car models stack up against each other.