About the site creation

When buying a car there is a big question - which one? Well, there is no correct answer to this question. A car is a big investment and it is very important that the car fits your needs perfectly so that you are satisfied with it. Even though you can't find an exact answer to this question, it's easy to come up with some useful advice on what not to do when buying a car.

But Carversus.net became a solution to this problem! It's not about recommending one car, it's about getting you what you really need. Carversus.net gathers all the information about cars around the world and makes them available to our users for free. You can find everything there is to know about any car brand or model - specification, reviews, comparison to hundreds of other car makers... Carversus.net is a complete information resource on cars!

Our team`s vision is to create a global website with high-quality information about cars so that people can buy the right car for them. We are not only focused on one country, but on all countries where it`s possible for us to get information about cars - America, Europe and Asia! Our objective is to fulfill the needs of all drivers who want to find the most suitable car for themselves. Our main motto is `the right car at the right price.

Carversus.net wanted to be an international car portal from the very beginning, therefore, we are offering a wide range of functionality.

Who was the author of this idea?

Hey! I'm Tammy C. Peters, founder of Carversus.net and former auto instructor for years. I had always been very interested in cars but never knew how to drive one until my junior year of college when a friend convinced me to get behind the wheel. It was love at first sight! I started teaching people how to drive after that and ended up deciding to become an instructor because it was so much fun seeing them learn something new.

After many years of watching people choose between buying a car or not based on what they could afford, I decided to start my own auto school with some students who were curious about the same things I was growing up: which car would be best for them?